Dust Grabber Magnetic Dusting Cloth – 4 Pack

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Product Description

4 Pack Dust Grabber Magnetic Dust Cloth. Dust Literally Jumps on This Dust Cloth And Stays There! This high-tech fabric has a permanent electrostatic surface charge so dust is picked up without being stirred up. Allergy sufferers benefit since house dust needs to be picked up frequently. Our Dust Grabber dust cloth has NO odor, contains NO chemicals, has NO tacky feel and WON’T leave a dull film. Use on any surface; especially effective on glass and furniture. Makes dusting tough places like TV’s and computer monitors a snap! Each cloth measures 18′ x 24′ (18′ x 18′ after 1st washing) and is highly stretchable and durable. When it gets dirty, just toss it into the washing machine. Even after 100 washings, it retains the dust-attracting magnetic properties. Great as a replacement for mops that use disposable cloths, too.


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