DOC Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloths, 2 Color Pack, 5 Piece Set

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Product Description

The DOC wood cloths that come in the dual-colored cleaning pack is the perfect solution for any area of your home, office or shop. Choose your color then choose your job. The unique construction of 8 highly absorbent layers are designed to trap liquid, dirt and bacteria. With simple tap water up to 99.99% of absorbed bacteria rinses away. Wood cloths are odor and stain-resistant, with a starch coating which provides excellent weave spacing. Once wet, the starch rinses away and leaves a soft, absorbent cleaning material which is conversely tough and long-lasting. Naturally environmentally friendly, wood cleaning cloths reduce costs vs paper towels and when it’s time to discard, cloths are biodegradable and will disintegrate generally in 10-12 weeks in a compost pile. Care:Machine wash cold. Do not use fabric softener. Line dry.


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