Disposable Vinyl Exam Gloves Powder Free, 100 Per Box Size Medium…

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Dealmed Powder Free Vinyl GlovesDealmed disposable powder free non-sterile vinyl gloves are a great affordable choice for all. We offer gloves in all sizes small, medium, large, and extra large. These gloves are available by the box or by the case. Each box contains 100 gloves and each case contains 10 boxes totaling 1000 gloves or 500 pairs. These gloves are all purpose and can be used for medical exams, cleaning or food preparation. They are ambidextrous and provide superior comfort, strength and stretch for unmatched quality and sensitivity. Ideal for health care personnel with acute sensitivity to powdered gloves. Pre-powdered for easy donning. ?Vinyl gloves are most-often used in the food service industry (food preparation and busboy cleaning) while professionals in cosmetics, medical and cleaning services use them as well. Around the home, vinyl gloves are ideal for meal preparation, messy tasks, light cleaning, personal care, pet care, painting, arts and crafts. Vinyl is an economical alternative to latex and nitrile gloves.


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