Disposable Powder Free Latex Gloves, 100 Count. (LARGE)

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Color:LARGE Party Bargains Latex gloves are guaranteed to meet or exceed industry standards, for trusted, reliable performance and ideal for food preparation and other non-medical applications requiring tactile movements and sensitivity. These strong, durable, 100% Natural Rubber Latex Gloves provide superior barrier protection with a smooth finish for ultimate feel. Our Foodservice Latex Disposable Gloves are strong and elastic to help safeguard workers and manufactured from materials which fully comply with FDA Rules. These Powder-Free gloves leave no residue, reducing the risk of spreading bacteria, irritation and dermatitis compared to a powdered glove. As the prime choice for automotive, light construction, beauty, janitorial and food service workers worldwide, PSG Great Glove 20000 FIT Series are proven to be a reliable barrier against solvents, chemicals, oil, dirt and grease. From chic party goods to trusty household items, Party Bargains has it all. The superior craftsmanship and quality present in every one of the company’s items are what earned Party Bargains its reputable name. Party Bargains would like to reassure you that while every dish is disposable our commitment to you is everlasting.


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