Disposable Gloves, 5 mil thick, Tear Resistant, Latex Free, Nitrile, Powder Free, Large, 100 count

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Package Quantity:1  |  Size:Large The Secret to Keeping Your Girl Happy Testimonial: ‘As a home inspector I run into many gross things while inspecting a property. I have to crawl under houses and inside attics, I find dead rodents and other contaminatinants which should not be touched with bare hands. I have been using these gloves daily, they provide the protection I need. I have tried other gloves but they tore easily and were too small. I have larger hands and the fit of these gloves are great. I feel safe when I use these gloves. My wife has always been squeamish by what I touch at work, but since I have been wearing these gloves she has been happy to give me a hug when I get home.’ Mark Phillips, CREIA Home Inspector The Best Nitrile Gloves to Keep Your Hands Clean – Perfect fit for people with large hands. Check out our sizing chart in the Images Section for more information. Save Money by Using Durarble Gloves that Don’t Tear – These gloves provide lasting hand protection for thousands of professionals in the automotive, janitorial, housekeeping, sanitation, construction, beauty, gardening and pet care industries and the week-end warrior alike. Additional Features – Our gloves are nearly twice as thick as the bargain gloves, they are 5 mil thick. – Our products meet FDA and USDA requirements where applicable. – Our nitrile gloves are superior to latex in providing protection against petroleum base products. The ONLY nitrile glove backed by a 100% Money Back Gaurantee When you click the buy button your gloves will arrive at your doorstep within 2 days when ordered with Amazon Prime


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