DFM Microfiber Spinning Magic Spin Easy Floor Mop 360° Rotating Bucket 2 Head, Yellow

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Product Description

Color:Yellow Product description: The mop head moves 360 degrees and easily clean any place in your home, office or restaurants. It cleans the narrow place that never or hard to reach as the gap between refrigerator and wall, washer and wall, or window, blind, ceiling, bathroom and etc., also, it also use as a dust remover when it’s dry. You can clean TV, computer or furniture. It’s rather simple to use that even for a child can do it! Just put the mop heads into the dehydrate basket then pressing the mop rod to make the mop head rotate and being dry. It’s a wise choice to use this magic mop coz it saves effort, time and the rotating style as well as the built-in-spin-dry water bucket delivers powerful cleaning performance and removes all excess water. Features: 360 degree rotating washable mop Keeps your hands out of dirty water Eco-friendly materials & no power consumption High efficiency cleaning Works great for wet or dry No scratches to the floor Labor saving industrial floor mops Manual press system spin mop Plastic dehydrate basket with the foot pedal Package Content: 1 x Bucket 1 x Stainless Steel Pole 1 x Dehydrate Basket 2 x Mop Heads   SKU: 61200030 Material: PP Bucket Size: 28.5*43*32cm Rod Size: 120cm


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