Detailer’s Choice 5373 Clean Shot Magnum

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Product Description

Color:Black, Blue, and Gray  |  Style:Magnum Detailer’s Choice 5373 Clean Shot Magnum is an all in one soap and spray gun with a 4-way nozzle, prep, soap, blast, and rinse. The easy to use soap trigger and a soap reservoir with locking cap makes it simple to add soap to the spray with no need for a bucket for washing. The ergonomic designed control handle is perfect for decks, windows, patios, large vehicles, and boats or RV’s. Hose connector has an easy swivel, which keeps the hose from kinking and connects to any standard garden hose. Detailer’s Choice offers a wide range of nozzles, each with specific attributes. Nozzles range from basic single function in plastic to eight functions in both metal and plastic.


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