Deluxe Microfiber Car wash Cleaning Cloths 16’x16′ – 24 Pack

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Elaine Karen Microfiber Cleaning Cloths These reusable microfiber Cloths by Elaine Karen; is a must for every Home, Bike, Car, Boat, RV, dorm room, and vacation home. With Scratch Resistant Technology this will not scratch Paint coats glass or any surface. The soft microfiber cleaning cloth is super absorbent and is made to get every piece of dirt, and crumb, without leaving any lint behind. Nor will they leave any streaks on windows after washing and wiping them. Last but not least; because they are super soft, they do not scratch any Paints, Walls, Furniture, Mirrors, and Glass. Highly absorbent The microfiber washcloths can hold up to absorb 10 times its weight, and they can be reused hundreds of times. The towels are made to last hundreds of washes, and they will not lose its absorbency. The microfiber cloths are gentle enough for facial uses, such as the face, and hands. The Green Alternative to Paper Towels • Scratch Resistant Technology • Save money: Buy fewer paper towels. • Save the environment: Produce less waste • Economy 24-pack ensures you have plenty of towels at hand for wiping clean, dusting, washing and hard cleaning. • Machine washable on Cold, tumble dry. Multiple Uses These wonderful microfiber cleaning cloths dries dishes, silverware, glasses, crystals, without scratching any of them. Wipes clean all spills, and can be used to carry hot pots, and be used as a placemat for hot dishes. The washcloths can be used to clean windows, tables, mirrors, counters, sinks, computers, cars, trucks, boats, for the garage, and all household surfaces. Restaurants have rated this washcloth as a #1 most important item. Satisfaction Warranty Elaine Karen Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are backed by a 30 day 100% MONEY BACK Warranty. No questions asked! Order Now!


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