Delong Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee with Hook

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Size and Weight: the blade length: 23CM, handle length: 17CM, Weight 167g. Package Content: 1x Window Squeegee 1x Hook Use tip: The Window Squeegee is well balanced so no need to put too much pressure when wiping, let its natural weight and balance do the work. Showers: if too much pressure has been exerted, on some grouting the rubber may leave a little residual mark, simply use an old tooth/nail brush with normal soap to remove. How to use the suction cup? 1.Clean and dry a smooth surface,the best place is glass. 2.Place the suction cup in the desired position.(please place it where there is no water vapor) 3.Loose the central screw a little bit,Keep pressing the center of suction cup downward to make the inside no air and then press down the hook,Tighten the screw. 4.Test suction with a firm tug to check if it has been installed correctly.


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