Cut Resistant Gloves,Level 5 Protection, Food Grade, Medium(KT0026)

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Product Description

Our Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves Our gloves will revolutionize the way you work your way in the kitchen Our gloves do exactly as we say, they’re CUT RESISTANT! We care about customer safety and this product does just that. New Fiber Blend Technology This has allowed us to design gloves that protect your hands while you carve away at practically anything you’re cutting in the kitchen. No more need to worry about sharp edged blades that can slice the tip of your finger. Tested For Your Safety The Basily Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves meet the CE regulatory EN388 standard for level 5 cut resistance Use It Anywhere Not only are they great for use in the kitchen, they’re also excellent for machine and/or outdoor work. You wear a helmet when you ride your bicycle, wear our Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves to protect your hands while you work!


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