Color-Glide Paint n Go – Paint Storage and Touch-Up Tubes with Paint Transfer Pumps (4-pack)

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Product Description

Color-Glide Pro Covers Scratches Stains and Scuffs without a paint brush stores paint for fast and easy touch-ups Applicator paint tubes are perfect for quick painting projects, creating holiday signs and quick and clean touch ups.  The tubes may be filled with latex or poster paints for endless artistic fun without set up and cleanup hassles. Color-Glide Pro products provide an easy to use system to rid your home of unsightly paint cans by using an applicator tube that was designed for quick painting jobs. Just use the paint transfer pump to fill the paint tube with your own favorite paints.  Paint as you desire and then wipe the applicator clean then store the paint tube for a later project.  It’s that easy.  Paint applicator tubes make it easy to keep track of every color for every project and for each color in every room in your home . Forget about drop cloths, blue tape, can openers, paint stir sticks, tray, paint brushes, paint thinner and shop towels! No need to wash any brushes and waste any water.  Best of all, rid yourself of big bulky paint cans. Color-Glide Pro is a painting solution where an applicator tube is used instead of a paint brush.  It stores the paint and is a paintbrush alternative.  Each tube has areas to write in project information.  Long term storage and convenient use allow for on the fly touch-ups and small painting projects. Small detailed paint jobs now take seconds instead of several minutes.  Troubles and hassles of cutting in around light sockets and baseboards is a thing of the past.  Just pump in some paint to the Color-Glide Pro tube, paint what you need.  Once your project is complete, cleaning is simple – either rinse the applicator or simply cap it and store it for a future use. If the applicator head needs replacement, spares are available to swap with the old applicator. Both the medium and large applicator heads are interchangeable with each size of Color Glide Pro tube.


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