Clorox ReadyMop Absorbent Cleaning Pads, 16 Pads

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Product Description

8.5 x 10.5 Inch. Refill for Clorox Ready Mop Mopping System. Disposable – Start with a fresh clean pad every time! It’s all together! The revolutionary Clorox ReadyMop Mopping System brings together everything you need to clean your floors. The trigger on this specially designed mop lets you control exactly how much cleaner you want to use, and the swivel head gives you the maneuverability to reach all of those hard to clean places. The ready-to-use Advanced Floor Cleaner is formulated to quickly dissolve dirt and grease. Because the cleaner is on board, you don’t have to fill a bucket with water or mix your own solution. No rinsing is required. The specially designed Absorbent Cleaning Pad uses capillary action to take the dirty liquid away from your floor and traps it so you can throw the entire mess away when you are done. Avoid the drudgery of wringing out of a soaked, dirty mop!


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