Clorox Premium Long Cuff Latex Dou Gloves, 1-Pack (2 Gloves in Total)

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Product Description

Size:1-Pack Cleaning solvents and chemicals are necessary when you need to break up hard stains in your bathroom and kitchen, but they can take a toll on your hands. With long-term exposure to these cleaning supplies, your hands can dry out, cracking and burning, making it difficult to perform everyday tasks regularly. You need to protect your hands while you clean, whether you’re breaking out the bleach to clean your toilet, or you’re handling another load of dishes. The Clorox Duo gloves come in multiple colors in each package, providing two pairs so you can divide them between various tasks. The gloves feature an embossed palm grip, keeping your grip when your gloves are wet, rather than just allowing you to slip and slide. Made of latex, you get the protection you need against chemicals, old food, and anything else you need to grab. With multiple sizes available, get the right size for you to have complete mobility while you work on your cleaning. These gloves provide a necessary protective barrier against you and the mess you are up against.


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