CleanAide Chenille Dash Duster

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Product Description

Perfect for small areas and hard-to-reach corners, this CleanAide® Chenille Dash Duster utilizes its small size to maximize cleaning efficiency for the user. The plastic handle is comfortable, sturdy, and has a hole at the end for simple hanging storage. Use to dust, wipe, clean, polish, dry, and more. Absolutely safe to use on any and all surfaces. The duster consists of high quality microfiber, the most efficient material on the planet for this time of job. Excellent at removing dust from a dashboard, it can also be used at home on furniture. Like with all microfiber, make sure to shake or rinse to remove accumulated dust, debris or particles that could otherwise scratch the surface you are cleaning. The microfiber bonnet can be removed from the handle so that it can be placed in the washer. Microfiber should be washed separately at low temperature. Never use chlorine bleach or softener, which would clog the microfibers and reduce the efficacy of the product.


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