Cedar Creek Refill Professional Grade Green Microfiber Damp Flat Mop with Velcro style attachment for Universal Fit

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Package Quantity:2  |  Size:18′ Mops designed for the commercial cleaning world are now available for everyone from Cedar Creek. Search Amazon with the phrase ‘Cedar Creek Professional’ to see the full product line, including the revolutionary Fluid Bucketless Mopping System. The Cedar Creek Damp Mop is not only superior to any cheap homeowner grade microfiber mops sold by mass retailers, but is also superior to the standard blue microfiber mops available through commercial distributors. The Cedar Creek Microfiber Damp Mop is a premium mop that is engineered to be bleach safe, not shrink excessively, and stand up to the rigors of every day use. This mop is engineered to the same exacting standards as those hospitals trust to clean their patient rooms and is guaranteed to withstand 500 launderings. The Cedar Creek Microfiber Damp Mop can be used with just water for the ultimate Green Cleaning tool, or can be used with any household or commercial cleaning chemical on the market, even bleach based cleaners. Microfiber technology is at the core of Cedar Creek to deliver superior cleaning performance. With the power to remove 99.9% of bacteria from a surface with just water, microfiber is truly amazing. Cedar Creek only uses the highest quality microfiber that is chemically and mechanically split apart to create voids that grab and hold dust, dirt and even microbes. Excellent for all types of floors, Cedar Creek’s Damp Mop excels at cleaning resilient floors in sports facilities such as wrestling mats, gymnastics mats, and floors in dance, yoga and exercise studios. These floors are exposed to sweat and can come into direct contact with a person’s skin, which, according to the CDC, makes them at risk for transmitting MRSA. Cedar Creek’s Damp Mop provides an effective way to clean these floors by thoroughly removing dirt, sweat, hair and microbes, which helps reduce the risk of spreading infections in a gym, business, or home. Hand or machine wash to clean hundreds of times.


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