Cedar Creek Classic Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, General Purpose 12’x12′, Gray, 12 Pack

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Package Quantity:12  |  Color:Gray Microfiber cloths designed for the commercial cleaning world are now available for everyone from Cedar Creek. These sturdy, medium weight cloths are the work horse of the cleaning industry, and now you can have them for your home, gym or small business! Cedar Creek Classic Microfiber Cloths are on par with many competitive heavier weight cloths with a proprietary manufacturing process that creates extremely soft 100% split microfiber cloths with none of the non-microfiber filler material used by many manufacturers to lower their cost. This results in a top quality cloth that does not scratch, lint or streak. For those sensitive to cleaning chemicals, Cedar Creek Microfiber Cloths can be used with just water for the ultimate Green Cleaning tool. These cloths are also amazing when used for dry dusting since they have an electrostatic charge that grabs and holds the dust and dirt. Of course, being a professional grade cloth, they can be used with any household or commercial cleaning chemical on the market. Since these are true professional grade cloths, they have an almost unlimited list of uses from cleaning all surfaces in a home or small business to auto detailing. Search Amazon with the phrase ‘Cedar Creek Cleaning’ to see the full product line, including 12’x16′ and 16’x16′ cloth sizes, and an even higher grade, ultra-plush, heavy-weight Premium Plush Microfiber Cloth line for the ultimate cleaning cloth you can buy. Hand or machine wash to clean. At Cedar Creek, our products aren’t designed for a corporate balance sheet… Cedar Creek products are Designed for Humans. Focusing on the health, comfort and efficiency of the people using the cleaning tools allows Cedar Creek to develop the most innovative products in the industry at fair and affordable price. All Cedar Creek cleaning products are custom designed by a team of industrial designers and engineers with over 65 years of combined experience in the commercial and household cleaning industries.


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