Carlisle 369820B00 Flo-Pac #20 Cotton Narrowband Medium Cut End Wet Mop, 18′ Length, Natural (Case of 12)

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Product Description

This Carlisle 369820B00 Flo-Pac size #20 cut-end mop head has a tape band, and is made of natural-color 4-ply cotton yarn for durability and absorbing liquids. It is suitable for use with a stirrup-style handle (sold separately) for general purpose cleaning. The textured polyester tape band on this mop head is 1.25′ wide for attaching to a stirrup-style mop handle. This mop head is 18′ long, and comes packaged in a brick pack to help save storage space. Wet mops (also called string mops) consist of a mop head, a handle, and a method of attaching, or mounting, a mop head onto a handle. Mop heads are typically made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or blends of cotton and synthetic. Synthetic fibers withstand laundering better and dry faster, both factors leading to longer product lifespan because harmful bacteria grow in a damp mop. In traditional string mop construction, coarse strings of cotton yarn are banded at the head for connection to a handle, and the strings hang loose at the tail. This method is now referred to as ‘cut-end,’ to contrast with the improved method of looping the strings back to the head, leaving no loose ends to fray. Laundering is not recommended for cut-end mops. Other improvements include tailbanding, which ties the strings together close to the tail to reduce tangling and improve floor coverage. Mops are used for cleaning floors or for spreading an oil- or water-based floor finish onto a floor to protect the surface. Carlisle manufactures food service equipment and supplies and sanitary maintenance tools and supplies for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. The company, founded in 1954, is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK.


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