Bona® Microfiber Dusting Pads – 3 Pack (3) Fits 4×15 Bona®Mop

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Product Description

Product Description THREE Micro-Fiber Dry Dust Mop Cover for 4′ x 15′ Bona MicroPlus Mop: Velvety soft, shaggy micro fiber designed for dry dusting on hardwood and hard surface floors. ‘Super Electrostatic Action’ attracts and lifts dust, pet hair, micro-particles and common household allergens from floors or other flat surfaces. Combination of special micro-fibers engineered into this duster pad creates a unique static charge so dust and debris are attracted like to a magnet. Re-use and wash up to 300 times. Economical. Replaces costly disposable paper dusting pads. Fits 4×15 Bona Mop and other velcro mop heads.


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