Bestwoohome Microfiber Feather Cleaning Hand Dusters (Pink)

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Color:Pink Feather part length: 36CM/14.1 inches Feather part width :12CM/4.7inches Handle length: 18CM/7inches Long: 20 inches long to reach nooks & crannies It is also great for electronics, automotive, as well as the home & kitchen. Superb design for a duster: – It CLEANS and it cleans FAST – Soft; Won’t damage delicate surfaces – Extendable with pole of your choice to reach high & low places – Long lasting; Doesn’t shed or fall apart even when washed Got Allergies or Asthma? If yes, your challenge is if you don’t dust you suffer, but if you dust you suffer too. With this duster, dust seems to be attracted like a magnet and trapped. No chemicals required. Result? Better health. Benefits If you appreciate microfiber products for cleaning, then time to upgrade your dusting experience. -Dust Free: It is amazing how it picks up & keeps dust -Reduce Waste: Save your landfill since your duster is reusable . Features -Lightweight, Thin, Flexible, yet Fluffy (long microfiber strands) If you have a cleaning business, clean your own home, clean your car, or want to purchase a fun gift, this Fluffy Microfiber Duster is extremely effective


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