Arm Length Dishwashing Gloves Rubber Cleaning Gloves 2 PAIRS INCLUDED

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Product Description

These handy household gloves with ribbed upper glove for form fit and full length sleeves measuring 22.8′ with textured fingertips will clean most any job without getting dirt and grime on your arms. Extra long to keep you extra dry Protect arms and clothes from splashing and soaking. Rubber gloves come in handy when we want to protect our hands from household chemicals, staining, hot water, or icky substances that need to be cleaned. These rubber/latex gloves will be durable while still allowing you to accomplish the tasks you need done effectively. Rubber/latexn gloves offer great protection properties and much stronger, thicker than other gloves. Rubber/latex gloves offer protection against leakage, making them easy to working in wet conditions. These gloves are also resistant to many chemicals like acid and alkalis, they are also less likely to puncture or tear. Great for janitorial, household and gardening jobs. Each Pair measures 22.8’L and reuseable.


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