AMMEX – GPLHD86100-BX – Heavy Duty Latex Gloves – Disposable, Powder Free, Industrial, 8 mil, Large, Blue (Box of 50)

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Size:Large Product Description GlovePlus Heavy Duty Exam Grade Latex Powder Free Gloves have palm thickness of 12 mils and it is 12′ long from the tip of the middle finger to the edge of the beaded cuff, which extends to cover the wrist and lower forearm. Latex provides better elasticity than nitrile, chloroprene, or vinyl and better puncture resistance than vinyl. This glove is suitable for the healthcare industry and for use in non-surgical medical procedures. The glove is textured on the fingertips, fingers and palm for improved grip compared to a glove with textured fingers, particularly in wet environments. This powder-free glove leaves no residue, reducing the risk of contamination compared to a powdered glove,making it suitable use for emergency responder, in electronic components, forensic and laboratory applications. The color of this ambidextrous glove is blue. Disposable and limited-use gloves are used in medical, forensic, scientific, food service and industrial applications. Disposable gloves are commonly made from flexible materials such as latex, nitrile, chloroprene and vinyl. While most disposable gloves are designed for use on either hand, some can be purchased in hand-specific models. They are offered powdered or powder-free; silicone or silicone-free; chlorinated or non-chlorinated; coated or uncoated; with a standard- or extended-length cuff; sterile or non-sterile; and with textured or smooth fingers, fingertips and palms. Chemical resistance means the glove helps protect the hand from certain chemicals and varies by glove material. For information on the chemical resistance of this glove, consult the Ammex chemical resistance guide. Ammex distributes medical and industrial products such as gloves, first aid supplies, face masks and other protective coverings. The company, founded in 1988, is headquartered in Kent, WA. From the Manufacturer These extra-strong and extra-long latex gloves provide added protection for the wrist and lower forearm.


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